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List of arguments explaining why kids should have homework

Whether children should do their homework or not is an endless debate, with both the proponents and opponents of homework presenting arguments to support their cause. Some of the arguments are sensible but others are downright whacky (especially the ones in favor of homework). Since homework is compulsory in most schools all that can be done (short of campaigning!) is trying and learning the benefits so that it does not feel very horrible. Let us go through the list of arguments supporting homework and find out if they can convince or are just good material for a belly laugh!

  • It starts good study habits in children.
  • It teaches time-management to little children!
  • Homework makes children more organized
  • It instills self-discipline in children
  • Homework fosters a love of learning (!)
  • It gives parents an opportunity to find if the child is struggling in one or two areas in school
  • It augments and reinforces schoolwork
  • Homework makes children more successful in class!
  • It brings families closer!
  • Homework develops a sense of responsibility in children
  • Homework promotes creativity (!)
  • Improved academic achievement
  • It makes children take the initiative
  • It is better than video gaming or whatever else a child wants to do
  • Children will not read a book unless assigned as homework
  • Children will not write essays or other such things if not assigned as homework
  • Homework improves “thinking” and “memory” (?)
  • Reviewing the work done in school will help retain new information.
  • Homework promotes independent study
  • It saves children from the evils of television and later the web!

While a few of the arguments given above are valid, for instance, that reviewing the work done at school can reinforce and help a child retain new information. What is commonly encountered is that children balk at the prospect of anything that comes under the name of homework. Even if was once their favorite activity.

Some children are so sensitive that they get anxious about their homework and will not enjoy their free time thinking about what the teacher will say when he/she receives it. Others are stressed and will shy away from doing it at all.

The debate is going on; books are being written for and against homework. For now, what seems logical is that homework should be limited according to children’s age.