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Free Homework Help: Things To Remember When Using An Online Chat

Homework help sites are designed to provide useful, quick service to students who need help with all types of coursework. Some homework help sites use video tutorials, others use email services, but many use chat services so tutors can work one on one with their clients. As students work with tutors through chat services, they need to remember online etiquette and safety tips.

Keep Your Privacy

Unless you know the tutor and the other students personally, there are a few important considerations to make. First, you should avoid giving out any personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information, school ID numbers, and possibly even your real name. Online predators can be anywhere and you could be taken advantage of if you open up the opportunity.

Use an Pseudonym

If the chat service is open to anyone, you should never use your real name. Some homework help sites do more than provide homework help (some complete assignments for you) and the last thing you want is for your classmates and teachers to discover that you not completing your assignments on your own. It is best to avoid giving away anything that would release your identity, even your hometown, school name, or anything else.

Follow the Rules of Etiquette

When using an online chat service, you should follow the Internet etiquette (or netiquette) rules. One of the first things that students need to know is that they should never type messages in all capital letters because all-caps show that you are shouting. When you are talking with a tutor, you should use the best grammar that you know. This means avoiding using acronyms like LOL or writing “u” instead of “you.” Your tutor does not care if you can text; your tutor wants to see that you can write.

Get What You Have Paid For

Another useful piece of etiquette for online chatting with a homework helper is to avoid asking for help on projects that you have not paid for yet. Your session with the homework helper is only meant for the homework help that you have ordered. Trying to get extra help is like stealing, because you are asking for services that you are trying not to pay for. This could get you banned from the homework help service. It is always best to follow the rules of the homework help services, so you can continue to use them.