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Math Homework Help: Three Tips To Make Math More Fun

Of all the subjects we must study at school, math and the related assignments can be some of the most mundane, and tedious tasks that we must perform. Is it possible to make math homework more interesting? Teachers and students alike have been looking at new ways to keep everyone in the classroom engaged and entertained. Or at least awake!

We've tracked down three ideas that may help you make your next math homework assignment more enjoyable, or at least less painful...

  1. Bring In Real World Examples And Applications
  2. All too often, we see mathematical data as only numbers, formulas and facts that have little or no relevance in the real world. Look for practical applications and examples to make math more interesting.

    For example a concept like probability does little to inspire most students. But if you frame it in the context of a baseball player and his batting average, it begins to become more interesting. The same concept could work with statistical analysis. Find the stats for your favourite football teams or rugby players. Compare them with one another. What are the numbers telling you about the player's performance?

  3. Use Interactive Software Programs And Apps
  4. Nowadays, the internet is full of websites dedicated to providing students with homework help and online tutoring. Take advantage of the hundreds of free sites that can provide illustrations, video tutorials, and interactive games to illustrate the mathematical concepts that you are having difficulty grasping.

    As well, homework helper apps have been developed for smart phones, ipads and other mobile devices. These can be an affordable way to make learning the numbers, formulas and mathematical concepts that you need to know less of a bore.

  5. See Math As Relevant And User-Friendly
  6. Why do we need math? While numbers are not easy to intellectually digest for many of us, sometimes illustrations such as graphs or charts can get the data across faster and better. Think about how mathematics is a part of our daily lives, and how we really could not function without it.

    Every time we buy something, every financial transaction that is conducted comes from our knowledge of math. Think of your home or an office tower. Without the concepts included in fields like geometry and algebra, complex construction would be impossible and infrastructure non-existent.

    Try to see math in all the different ways that it manifests itself in our lives. It may not make your homework easier, but at least you'll see that it is not a lot of work for nothing!