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How Nice It Would Be To Have No Homework In Schools

Some students are always complaining about homework. They say how nice it would be if we lived in a world that didn’t have homework. Sure, it would be nice, I guess, if you’re comfortable living in a world where no one has adequate training at all. This could be dangerous to human life as well. What about these training guides in professions that the applicant has to train with at home? Their learning is all homework-based. Bus drivers, nurses, doctors—where would we be without hard study for our professions? Would you want a doctor to operate on you who has never had adequate training?

Why Homework Must Be Required

In school, we have all kinds of classes a day. Typically, one of these meets only 45 minutes at the most. Now, every time you have a class, the teacher has to make up a plan for of how to teach you everything you need about this huge subject that you need to know, at a minimum, to do well in life.

Not only is it impossible to tell you everything. So the teacher assigns homework to ensure you are learning.

Another reason homework is crucial to your learning is that it gives he teacher to understand why you’re having a problem in the course, and to decide a corrective course of action to help you master this topic.

Plus, when I was in culinary school, one of my professors said to all of us who were complaining “If it weren’t hard, you wouldn’t be so proud of yourself when you finish.