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Where Can I Get Physics Homework Answers

Physics is a field of science that many student struggle in on a daily basis, but this does not stop students from being able to learn concepts that will help them in their future. In order for students to get access to homework answers, the following ways exist for maximum effective homework answers:

  • Teacher
  • Tutors
  • Textbook
  • vStudy Groups
  • Practical Application


The best way to get answers to your physics homework is by reviewing the homework with one’s teacher. A physics teacher has spent at least four years at an accredited university or college and has been accredited themselves in education for the sciences. These teachers are entrusted by the state government to instruct students in learning these scientific processes. If a student needs help with their homework, they should simply speak to the subject matter expert.


If a student is not comfortable speaking to their teacher, most courses, especially in the sciences have a student tutor that will instruct students on how to better understand the homework material. Tutors can range from fellow peers to university students both paid and unpaid that can help with homework assignments. This also allows the tutor to learn the subject matter better as some individuals learn better by instructing others.


Textbooks are the prime way for a student to access the answers to their physics homework for two main reasons. Physics textbooks, like most texts, are written in order to help a student develop a better understanding of the material with cited examples. The other reason is because a lot of textbooks have the answers to questions in the back of the book, which allow students to follow along with as to if they had the correct answer or not.

Study Groups

A lot of students work better in groups and a subject like physics would allow for students to engage in a study group to engage in ideas amongst their peers. Study groups are often used as a way to tutor students as a mass group and allows for each student to help others present ideas they may have not considered on their own.

Practical Application

This suggestion should be used with caution and/or adult supervision. Physics makes students engage in a lot of lab work, but sometimes getting hands on experience will help the students understand exactly what the teacher is attempting to teach in a lecture. If they are the slightest bit dangerous, they should be conducted in a controlled environment.