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Where to Search for Free Math Homework Help?

Math belongs to the subjects that students most often seek help with, and there is a variety of resources created to meet this demand. As students do not usually have much money to spend, many such resources are free. Here is a brief guide on how to find them.

Offline Help

  • Your school or college.
  • Many schools have homework groups for math, while most colleges have homework centers where students get help from qualified tutors. If your school is an exception, you may initiate such a group. Get one of your teachers or a senior student to help you.

  • Public libraries.
  • Your local library may have a homework help center as well. Check to make sure.

  • Your home.
  • Ask your parents and siblings if they can help you with this assignment. This is probably the simplest and most reliable way to get math help.

Online Help

  • Specialized math help resources.
  • Read free tutorials or watch video lessons to sort out your math problems on your own. Materials on such websites are designed by experts to explain math concepts in most accessible ways. You may find it much easier to understand your math topic through them than through your textbook or your teacher’s explanations.

  • Automatic problem solvers.
  • Finding these is as simple as typing “online math calculator” in the search engine line. Almost all such programs are free to use and do not require downloading. Make sure that the calculator has the function you need, e. g. integral or differential calculation. Input your problem conditions, and get a step-by-step solution. However, it may not be an option for more complicated tasks.

  • Forums and discussion boards.
  • Ask your math question on a popular Q&A board. Post in on a student forum, but stick to relevant threads in order not to get your account banned. Alternatively, you may browse the archives of this website to see whether this question has already been asked and solved. To refine your search, use an exact quotation form your problem conditions.

  • Tutor websites.
  • A free math tutor may not be easy to find, but it is the best homework helper you can get online. Read carefully the conditions on each tutorship resource you encounter. Some tutors may be solving only a limited number of problems for free, while others will only charge you for the most urgent assignments, e. g. those that are due in 24 hours. A tutor will not simply solve your problem for you but explain how this solution was achieved.