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5 Tips To Consider Looking For Science Homework Answers

Getting someone to give you some help with your science homework is great, but there are times when all you really need to know is the solutions to a few questions. Whether it is because you have no interest in learning how to solve the problems, or it is because you want to work backwards and learn how the answer was arrived at, finding the answers can sometimes be a necessity. If this is the case for you, or if you just want to know for future reference, here are 5 tips for where you should look:

  • Utilize the search bar!
  • Unless you have pages and pages of questions that you need to find the answers to, one of the most useful functions of the internet is its ability to answer any question at all. Simply input the exact question and look through the results that you get. If you choose to go this route, do not just accept the first answer you see as accurate. Verify it on at least two other sites.

  • Online science question sites
  • There are numerous sites online that exist strictly to give you the answers to questions. While some deal with all kinds of random questions, sites can be found for every possible school subject. If you simply search for "free science homework answers" you will get a number of sites that you can check out. Some are only general in nature, while others specialize in the various sub-topics.

  • School board websites
  • Most school boards now have links on their websites that lead students to where they need to go to find out answers to some of the more difficult subjects. The benefit to using these, if you can find them, is that the information you find has been approved by the school so you know it is accurate.

  • Use a lifeline and call a friend
  • While this may seem obvious, it often gets overlooked. Drop by and visit one of your classmates to get a look at the solutions they have written. If you are so inclined you can also ask them to play tutor for a short time.

  • Don't forget the textbook
  • Almost every textbook ever made contains all of the solutions at the back of the book. The questions you are assigned by the teacher are based on the material taught in the textbook. Many students never even bother to crack it open so this valuable source of information gets passed by all the time!