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Where to Search for English Homework help Online for Free

English can be one if not the hardest for students to learn. It is not only spelling, but all the rules of grammar, syntax, context, and everything else that is included in the subject. So it is not unusual for students to need more help here than anywhere else. It is, in all ways, very confusing to most students. So how to search for English homework help for free? This will be what we will cover here, and what resources to look at.

  1. School
  2. Libraries
  3. Online
  4. Volunteer Organizations


This should be the first place any student should look. Talking to instructors, principals, and guidance counselors, can often refer the student to where they can get help. Most schools have a student services department, that can be gone to, to find help. Sometimes there are other services that can be accessed as well for help. They know of reputable online services that can help the student.

Some teacher students in their later levels of training will offer free tutoring, to help them get experience for their courses in teaching. They can often work in person, or online, and can be found usually through the student services department.


Many public and school libraries offer online tutoring services via volunteers. These can be educators, or retired educators, business people, graduate students, and others that are well trained in certain fields they help in.


There are many sites online that can help a student with their English homework for free. From student support sites, to student service search engines. Student service support engines, access many sites that offer free help to students, and most are run by Colleges and Universities. Some Colleges and Universities offer free tutoring that help students understand the rules of English so they can do their homework. Some other sites are funded by donations and volunteers that help students with different homework, like English.

Volunteer Organizations

Many communities have volunteer organizations, and some of these have access to tutors that will help low income students for free, or are funded by donations. Either way these can be of important help to a struggling student. Some have retired educators, and active ones, as well as business people, and others that are well trained to help students with their homework. Many of these tutors do work online, from either home, or a Church or Community Center.

Any of these resources can be of major help to the student, struggling with English homework.