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How To Focus On Homework Using Music: Best Advice Ever

Pregnant ladies are often advised to listen to devotional songs with the belief that they will deliver peaceful babies. Comatose patients are often played music of their choice with the belief that they might respond to them. Music has that innate quality to infuse life into the un-being.

Thus, it comes as no surprise if you decide to use the ‘food of the soul’ for expediting your homework. Here is how you use ‘so-la-ti-do’ for academic purpose

  • Remember that music can be visually connected with colors. For many connoisseurs, B B King’s music was blue while Elvis’ was fuchsia. You need to develop that integrity to understand the intensity of different kinds of music.
  • Once you are through with that, you can assign different colors to different subjects – say, purple to Math; red to Language; brown to History, et al. Stick the page with highlighted assignments on a wall where you can view it at convenience.
  • Now, when homework in a particular subject comes up, you just have to listen to the particular music whose presumed color you have allotted to the subject. Mind is a very fast learner and it automatically learns the attributes.
  • Remember that when you have lengthy homework, it is better to listen to soft music pertaining to the same color. However, if you wish to rush through or have objective homework at hand, you may tend to sharper notes. It actually helps if your ears are musically inclined.
  • Make sure you face no distraction of any kind while you are listening to the ‘homework’ music. Otherwise, there will be unease and conflicts of interest. Your main aim needs to be to ensure that you listen to the music in peace of mind.
  • To this respect, it is also necessary to free yourself of any pertinent stresses. Use stress-busters or somehow defer the stresses to another time. Instill passion towards the different kinds of music you have accorded your subjects to. Then, whenever you listen to a particular kind of music, even if in half conscience, you will automatically be reminded of the relevant subject.

Faith on ears

Many students actually have full faith on their ears. They prefer listening to podcasts to absorb concept of subjects rather than read it with duping eyes in the night. Music allows you the choice to pay attention to the subject with a gentle mindset and composure. Of course, music can only help you attend to homework with sincerity; you will still need to do the writing.