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How to Get Your Homework Done Fast: Helpful Methods

Introduction: Develop a Plan of Attack

When you need to get your homework done fast and you have a lot of it, you need to make a plan of attack. Let's say you have some math homework and an essay for English to complete by tomorrow.

Assign Time for Each Assignment

Let's construct a sample plan of attack--let's say you have 30 math problems to complete, some reading for science, and an essay to write for English that you've put off until today. What you need to do is divide the work up into stages, tackling only certain portions of each subject at a time. This way it will not seem so daunting.

Take Two to Three Hours and Divide Up Tasks into Stages

Let's stay with our math, English and science homework tasks and divide it up into doable stages.

Hour One:

  1. Complete all the easy math problems, leaving space to tackle the harder ones with computer help later.
  2. Also, brainstorm an idea and brief outline for your essay.
  3. Mark the chapter in your science book with a piece of paper, find a highlighter, or a small pad and pencil/pen, and leave these on your nightstand for later.

Snack: Have a high-energy snack (noodles or cereal is great) and a beverage, then begin hour two.

Hour Two:

  1. Write out a rough draft of your essay in pencil or on the computer-pencil or pen is better at this stage and I'll tell you why--when we get to the editing stage later, you can put this beside you as you type your essay, proofreading and perfecting as you type.
  2. Now, find your favorite math homework help site online and open this window, as well as a YouTube window and a Google window and begin researching answers to the problems you cannot answer on your own. If you cannot find a sample worked out on one site, you'll find it on another, or something very like it, guaranteed.

Snack: A great snack at this time is either a banana or peanut butter-you'll want calming, sustainable carbs or proteins at this point.

Hour Three

  1. Perfect your essays, type it, and print it. Reading aloud before the print stage is a great way to catch errors the eye might miss.
  2. Lie down for a rest while you do your reading for tomorrow, taking notes for class discussion or highlighting relevant passages.


Breaking up your tasks like this to get the easy stuff out of the way is a sure-fire method to completing your homework every time. By completing a bulk of the homework with ease early on, you'll become psyched-up to tackle the harder homework portion with confidence.