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After school homework help: how to organize your work at home

When you are in school all of the work you do is easier than the work you have to do at home. Homework can be hard to get organized into a reasonable pile of work. It can seem impossible to get organized and get done faster. The main difference is that in school they tell you what work to do when and you only do one subject at a time. At home you don’t have that kind of structure. But there is no reason that you can’t create a structure. There are ways to make homework easier and get organized better.

What to do

  • Do one subject at a time
  • Have a plan based on time
  • Do the fastest work first

Do one subject at a time

Whenever possible, do all of your history homework together then science then math and continue to group all assignments according to subject. It may feel easier to jump from one to another but staying focused on one single topic at a time may actually be more helpful to you. It is a way to stay organized by grouping them by subject and because you are doing all of the work at one time it is fresh in your mind for the next assignment or question.

Have a time based plan

Go into doing homework with a clear time strategy. Start with all of the subjects that you are best at as they will probably go more quickly than the ones with which you struggle. Also make sure to manage your time properly. If you have a paper or project due, think about how much time all-together it will take to complete and consider how many days you have to do it. From there you simply divide how much time by how many days to get how long you work on it each day.

Do the fastest work first

Again this can have to do with which subjects you tend to excel in. Also though, it can mean starting with the subject with the least amount of work or shortest assignments. That way you can dedicate the rest of your time to the longer or harder assignments later on after all of that is out of the way and off of your mind.

Once you finish all of the work for one subject it is off your mind and you can focus on the next task in an organized manner. Using the time it will take to complete a project as a guide allows you to best organize your time as well. Finally, focusing on the fastest work first gets it out of the way for you to be able to tackle harder assignments. Organization can be very helpful if you use it correctly, not just in school but in life as well.