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The common rules of middle school homework policy

Most schools have their own homework policies which are viewed and signed by each middle school student—and sometimes even their parents. While you may no longer be familiar with yours, here is a general reminder of some of the basics that are usually included.

  • Taking note of homework direction
  • This point comes down to recognizing the importance of homework. As a student who is getting prepared for the real world, it is your responsibility to pay attention when homework is announced, and writing that homework down in a designated journal.

    This also includes asking questions if any parts of the homework instructions are not understood. Little patience can be expected if a student writes down the particulars of his or her assignment, and then later claims that it was never understood in the first place.

  • Scheduling your homework
  • The student has a responsibility to keep a homework roster and manage his or her time accordingly. This is a valuable lesson that will benefit you later in life when you need to manage large workloads. This also means not leaving homework to the last minute, but scheduling it in such a way that it is manageable; and so that there are sufficient breaks in between each work session.

  • Doing your best
  • A high standard of work will also be expected of every student. Dedicating all your efforts to producing properly constructed assignments is a requirement put out for your own good. This ensures a proper understanding of the subject and its respective topics. It also prepares the student for exams.

  • Meeting deadlines
  • You must dedicate yourself to meeting all the deadlines given to you by your teacher. Failure to do so will come across as disrespectful to your teacher, as well as your classmates who took the time to complete their homework on time.

  • Notifying the teacher of any assignments that are not understood or if the deadline cannot be met.
  • If anything is not understood, it is your responsibility to ask questions until you do. The reason teachers don’t accept most homework excuses is because they are usually given after the assignment is due. Most teachers will give a grace period to students who ask for it with a valid reason. If you are unable to meet a given deadline, or if you don’t understand the instruction, say so from the start.